hooyoosay play guitar pop, classic rock, blues, rhythm and blues, light entertainment, middle of the road, indie pop, acoustic pop, synth pop, fun pop, teen pop, chanson pop, vintage pop, euro pop, vaudeville pop, rock and roll, cover songs.


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"Palm tree in my garden" is the latest single by hooyoosay.

It sounds like a happy beach-pool-summer fun song, and offers a cocktail of pop, R&B, rap, alternative, funk and a bluesy, vintage 70's feel.
It deals with the topic of having all the wealth and popularity in the world, but then perhaps being a bit on the losing side as for true friendship.

Brett Stewart reviewed and wrote:
Like their past creations, ‘Palm Tree In My Garden’ is chock-full of personality. I love the vocal patterns and harmonies.
I’m not terribly sure where to place hooyoosay... again. They toy with pop harmonies, as before, but this time, they’ve injected some R&B and funk influences to their instrumentation. At one point, a raw, scratchy harmonica even fades in and out of the soundscape to surprising effect.


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hooyoosay on 5th Anniversary Edition of "Independent No. 1's" 

"The wrong kind of people" by hooyoosay has been included in the compilation CD "Independent No. 1's, 5th Anniversay Edition", produced and distributed by WOA Records.

hooyoosay on Goa Chillout Zone compilation CD

"Tare Too Te Rut Te" by hooyoosay: now also on the compilation double CD "Goa Chillout Zone - Volume 6", released early 2015 by W.O.A. Records, both in online stores and as printed CD's.


hooyoosay on W.O.A. Records compilation CD

The song "Googly Goo" by hooyoosay can be found on W.O.A. Records' compilation CD "Independent Number Ones - Volume 4".
The album was released to online stores on December 24th 2014, and the launch of the hard copy double CD is on January 31st 2015. 
To have more details and to download the complete album, visit