1. Down home girl
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(Written by Jerry Leiber, Artie Butler;
performed by hooyoosay)

Lord, I swear, that perfume you wear
was made out of turnip greens.
And ev'ry time I kiss you, girl,
it tastes like pork and beans.
Even though you're wearing those
citified high heels,
I can tell by your giant step,
you've been walkin' through the cotton fields.
Oh, you're so down home, girl.

Ev'ry time you monkey, child,
you take my breath away.
And ev'ry time you move like that,
I gotta get down and pray.
Don't you know that dress of yours
is made out of fiber glass.
And ev'ry time you shake your hips,
I gotta go to Sunday mass.
Oh, you're so down home, girl.

I wanna take you to the muddy river
and push you in,
just to watch the water roll on
down your velvet skin.
I'm gonna take you back to New Orleans,
down in Dixieland.
I'm gonna watch you do the second line
with an umbrella in your hand.
Oh, you're so down home, girl.